Thursday, 13 July 2017
Friday, 14 July 2017

Registration & Networking Breakfast in Exhibition Hall

Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks

Kazumi Fujikawa, VP, Market Data Management, Global Commercial, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Keynote: TBA

Ana Cerdeira, VP, Strategy, Takeda

Keynote: TBA

Osamu Karita, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Networking & Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

Opening Keynote Panel Discussion and Q&A

Kazumi Fujikawa, VP, Market Data Management, Global Commercial, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Advisory Board:
Atsushi Kamide, SVP, Product Marketing, Astellas
Sundeep Lal, VP, Strategy, Business Development & Business Model Innovation, Medtronic
Noriko Nishi, Vice President Head of Global New Product Planning Global Development, Shionogi
Pascal Qian, Executive Director, Head of Solid Tumors, Novartis
Veronique Toully, Managing Director, China, UCB
Yan Zhang, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Commercial Excellence, Roche

Networking Round Table Discussions

(participants may choose any round table to attend)
Social Media and CI
Laiza Filart, Regional Director, New Product Marketing and Business Intelligence, A. Menarini Asia-Pacific
Building a Community of Insights
Carlos Hernandez, Head of Market Insights, Abbott Laboratories

Networking Luncheon

HCP’s Social Media Tracking in China

Hanson Zheng, Senior Director, Customer Insight & Innovation, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Competitive Intelligence as a Driver for External Innovation in R&D Context

Rajendran Bhaskaran, Head of Business & Competitive Insights, Global Customer Insights, Takeda

Research driven big pharma are pro-active in external innovation. With the stringent ROI approach to R&D investments,

there is an ever increasing competitiveness forcing firms to accelerate identification of promising, novel compounds / partners and assess promising candidates from the external R&D market place. The presentation addresses how integrated intelligence initiatives could be leveraged to qualify early stage assets and time tested frameworks that could help point and value a potential asset for investment.

CI Strategies in Niche Therapeutic Segments

Veena Swaminathan, Integrated Solutions and Stakeholders Insights Lead, Sanofi Genzyme

• Rare diseases / orphan drugs are a segment which are not tracked by most data companies

• Thus, there is limited 3rd party, objective data on rare diseases
• This is more pronounced in emerging markets like Asia, where information for big pharma is sketchy at best
• The above scenario results in utilization of different strategies to determine the competitive landscape; techniques less frequently if ever used in big pharma

Networking & Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

Corporate Brand Reputation: Key Driver of Competitive Advantage

Carlos Hernandez, Head of Market Insights, Abbott Laboratories

Update on the US Generic Drug Industry – Opportunities and Challenges

Margaret Hsiao, CEO & Co-Founder, Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals

• The New President Trump Administration - effect on the US generic drug industry

• FDA issues, ongoing mergers, biosimilars opportunity, recent news
• US FDA compliance issues with companies in India
• The rise of China and Japan as a player in US generic Drug industry

Adapting Market Access Strategies in China Local Diversity Environment from CI Perspective

Xuan Cui, Head, Strategic Policy & Access, Sanofi China

Evening Socializing Events! Cocktail Reception & Networking

Registration & Networking Breakfast in Exhibition Hall

An Introduction to Competitive Intelligence and Strategy

Ju Hyoung Lim, MSc, Ph.D., Senior Manager, JAPAC Operations, Deallus Consulting
Neal Somchand, MSc, Principal, JAPAC Operations, Deallus Consulting

In reality most Competitive Intelligence work is information driven and lack a real connection to decision making and

strategy. It is irrelevant to the business and operates in an organisational vacuum. This workshop will provide you an introduction to Competitive Intelligence, and how to run a demand driven and decision supportive competitive intelligence process that focus on understanding the competitive environment, the strategic intent and future initiatives of your key competitors and other market stakeholders. We will combine traditional training with some hands on exercises to help you implement our training in your day to day work back at the office, to ensure you are tightly connected to business imperatives and have a decisive impact on your business decision making and strategy.

Networking & Refreshments in Exhibition Hall

The Use of CI in Business Development Opportunity Assessments

Steven Robery, BSc, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, Lifescience Dynamics Limited
Shawn Xie, Consultant, Lifescience Dynamics Limited

• How can CI support the BD&L process?

• How can MA and payer discussions complement CI in this process?
• How can Payer research input in the forecasting?
• Valuation of an asset using CI

Networking Luncheon

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